Emerald Ash Borer found on tree in Village of Greendale

GREENDALE (WITI) -- The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture confirmed the presence of an Emerald Ash Borer beetle on a tree within the Village of Greendale on Tuesday, February 12th.

The Village of Greendale will be working with the State Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection and the State Department of Natural Resources to determine the extent of the outbreak.

In 2010, the Village counted approximately 1,300 ash trees located on its boulevards and right of ways.

In 2010, the Village implemented an Emerald Ash Borer Management Plan. Since 2010 the Department of Public Works has chemically treated approximately 500 ash trees on its boulevards and right of ways per year.

Public Works has also been removing approximately 100 ash trees annually and is replacing them with a diverse array of disease resistant tree species.

This plan gave the Village a head start on the emerald ash borer.

More information about the emerald ash borer and the Village’s Emerald Ash borer Management Plan can be obtained on the Village’s web site at http://www.greendale.org/emerald-ash-borer.html or at the Greendale Public Library or Greendale Village Hall.