Elmbrook School District emphasizes off-site health care access

A surge of COVID-19 cases is concerning to some as schools resume classes after spring break.

The Elmbrook School District shares how it is keeping kids and teachers safe.

Social distancing, one-way walking paths, covered water fountains, modified masks for band and learning cohorts are just a few ways Pilgrim Park Middle School is keeping things safe.

Eating and talking are both allowed in the library, as it serves as a space for mealtime part of the day so the cafeteria isn't crowded.

"We are getting kids access to the general curriculum and to their extra- and co-curriculars," said Elmbrook Superintendent Dr. Mark Hansen. He said collaboration has made it possible. "It takes a village to do it."

Pilgrim Park Middle School

A main key to the district's success is just down the street.

"I think it’s been extremely valuable for them to have this small accessible clinic for their employees," said Kalee Cambray, nurse practitioner at Elmbrook's Family Wellness Center by Healthstat.

Kalee Cambray

The off-site facility is available to all families, retirees and dependents of employees of the school district who have their insurance plan. It is a fully functioning clinic that provides primary and preventative care -- and most importantly rapid COVID-19 testing.

"A same day system with same-day result that allowed us to take care of those patients faster and then get them into quarantine on a quicker basis," said Cambray.

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Hansen said the clinic is vital for staffing stability. Additionally, the center was one of the first school clinics in Wisconsin to get vaccines.

"Our clinic started to provide that vaccination very early on," said Hansen.

Accessible health care is proving to be a big aid in mitigation efforts, as the dashboard and district continue to be monitored.

"Just remind people three Ws -- wear your mask, wash your hands and watch your distance," Hansen said.

Elmbrook Superintendent Dr. Mark Hansen

In addition to contact tracers and disease investigators, the district has also established weekly Medical Advisory Board meetings to share findings and advice.

A wellness coach has also been hired at the health center to help ensure employee health is maintained during and even after the pandemic.


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