Elmbrook Church volunteers headed south to help Isaac victims

BROOKFIELD -- It's been seven years since Hurricane Katrina, and many of the areas that suffered damage from the devastating hurricane were again under the gun as Hurricane Isaac made landfall last week. Members of Brookfield's Elmbrook Church are heading south again to help victims of Isaac in Louisiana.

Maryann Lee is no stranger to helping out -- usually lending a hand to dozens of preschoolers. Now, she's getting ready to head to Louisiana to help those affected by Hurricane Isaac.

Lee is headed for Lacombe, Louisiana and leaves Saturday, September 8th. Lacombe is dealing with flooding and feet of mud as a result of Isaac. Homes have been destroyed and garbage litters the streets as people work to clean up after the storm.

"We'll be going into houses that have a lot of water and we'll be checking for mold. We'll be ripping out dry wall and taking out their belongings," Lee said.

For Lee, disaster relief is a passion. She helped clean up after Hurricane Katrina. It started with feeding victims, but became a three-year commitment. She made several trips trying to help rebuild the Gulf Coast.

"You have to kind of help them emotionally and psychologically as well as just do the work. They just got done rebuilding, and now they got this again," Lee said.

Lee and nine others from Elmbrook Church will re-build damaged homes but will also be a shoulder to cry on.

"It's not just the project. It's not just to give them water. It's to give them some real hope," Lee said.

The group will return from Louisiana a week Sunday, September 16th.

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