Elf on the Shelf named "Mic" pays FOX6 a visit

MILWAUKEE -- A long ride in from the North Pole, Elf on the Shelf  found his way to FOX6 to take control. Here to cause mischief and mayhem -- we just don't know -- follow along with us to see a daily photo!

With 12 days till Christmas, "Mic" (pronounced Mike) made his arrival on Wednesday, December 13th.

FOX6 Elf on the Shelf

Thursday, December 14th: Caught LIVE in the newsroom!

FOX6 Elf on a Shelf

Friday, December 15th: A super-sized Jenga set...no problem!

FOX6 Elf on the Shelf

Saturday, December 16th: Saturdays are for selfies!

FOX6 Elf on the Shelf

Sunday, December 17th: Go Pack Go!

Monday, December 18th: Shhh. Nothing to see here.

Tuesday, December 19th: Is it Christmas yet?! I love this time of year!

FOX6 Elf on the Shelf

Wednesday, December 20th: Hanging out with my buddy, Brrrt!

Thursday, December 21st: Is it Friday yet???

Friday, December 22nd: Chillin' with my bobble buddies, including the big man himself.

Saturday, December 23rd: Just having some fun in the snow!


Sunday, December 24th: Have to make sure the milk and cookies are out for Santa!

Monday, December 25th: Worn out from a busy Christmas morning. Hope yours was great! Thanks for hanging with me the last 12 days.

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