Eight new counts filed against Bradford Harrington, for a total of 47 criminal charges

MILWAUKEE COUNTY -- A Bay View man was arrested for the fourth time this year -- and new charges have been filed against him. Eight new felony counts were filed on Monday, April 11th -- and Bradford Harrington is now facing a total of 47 charges.

Prior to January 2016, 49-year-old Harrington had no criminal record.

Bradford Harrington

FOX6 News has learned Harrington was re-arrested on Wednesday, April 6th at his home in Bay View. This, after he posted bond in his latest case on March 19th.

The newest charges pending against Harrington include eight counts of possession of child pornography.

This is the fourth criminal case involving Harrington to be filed this year.

Harrington made his initial appearance in court in this case on Tuesday, April 12th.

A preliminary hearing was scheduled for April 19th.

Meanwhile, it was ordered that Harrington can have no access to the internet unless it is related to his job/job search and he cannot leave Wisconsin. He must also maintain absolute sobriety.

Cash bond was set at $2,500.

According to the criminal complaint, this latest case relates to material found on a laptop computer taken from Harrington's home and analyzed.

The laptop was seized in January, and the complaint indicates eight images of child pornography were found on the computer, along with five internet "memes" related to sexual assault, child pornography and the sexual assault of children, 14 file names consistent with child pornography titles known to law enforcement and 275 text stories pertaining to incest and sexual assault of children.

The complaint indicates during the analysis of Harrington's computer, it was noted that the username "JackFLACK" had posted online to a user group regarding street prostitution -- providing telephone numbers of street prostitutes, providing a system to validate or vouch for others soliciting prostitutes, discussing ways to promote prostitution and locations to frequent prostitutes.

Harrington was already facing a number of charges, accused of contacting prostitutes in jail, putting money in a jail account for at least one of them, and getting women high on drugs, having sex with them and recording it. There are 10 victims making accusations against him.

Bradford Harrington

On March 18th, the following charges were filed against Harrington:

    On March 15th, 29 charges were filed against Harrington:

      On January 25th, three counts of second degree sexual assault of an intoxicated victim and one count of capturing an image of nudity were filed against Harrington.

      Bradford Harrington

      In January, Harrington was accused of putting money in an inmate's jail account, scouting for women with prostitution charges, taking at least one for a heroin fix and having sex with her and recording it.

      That complaint says officials noticed inmates charged with prostitution were having frequent and extensive contact with Harrington. In fact, police say 633 phone calls were made from inmates to Harrington's phone.

      One woman told investigators Harrington allegedly looked at a site called "Jailbase" every day to find new inmates to contact, sometimes putting money in alleged prostitutes' jail accounts so they would owe him favors.

      The complaint says Harrington admitted to keeping pre-filled Narcan syringes in the trunk of his car and vials in his kitchen because he "doesn't want a dead girlfriend on his hands."

      As for the 29 charges filed on March 15th, these charges span at least two years, and have a lot to do with lewd photos and videos allegedly found on Harrington's phone.

      According to that complaint, several more women accuse Harrington of taking video and pictures of them having sex with him -- without their consent.

      The complaint indicates some of the women told investigators they would engage in sex for money, some to support their drug habits.

      Police say the women appeared to be drugged in the photos and videos allegedly found on Harrington's phone.

      The cases included in this March 15th criminal complaint extend back to November 2013.

      Bradford Harrington

      In several of the cases, the victims told police they had "dated" Harrington multiple times. Some said they were "under the influence of drugs" during some of the incidents involving Harrington. One woman said she would not have consented to have sex for money or to be recorded during sex if she hadn't been high: "If I wasn't doing drugs, I wouldn't be doing any of this. I don't think no girls would."

      Bradford Harrington

      The complaint indicates Harrington told investigators the women were willing, and that he paid them for sex. But several of the women told police a different story -- saying they were so drugged up, they couldn't consent and din't give permission for video and photos to be taken of them.

      One of the woman told investigators: "I thought I knew Harrington, but clearly I didn't," when shown photos and videos Harrington had allegedly taken of her.

      The complaint filed on March 18th describes what police say Harrington allegedly did with victim #10.

      Bradford Harrington's home in Bay View

      According to the complaint, the victim was receiving treatment for addictions to crack cocaine and heroin, and allegedly agreed to have sex with Harrington for money at Harrington's home in Bay View.

      Harrington allegedly offered the victim drugs, and drove her to buy them.

      What the victim didn't realize, according to the complaint, is what nine others say they were too high to realize -- that Harrington took photos and videos of them nude and during sex.

      This victim told police "she was surprised it took so long for law enforcement to catch on," and that Harrington believes he is "rescuing females by enabling their drug addiction and giving them money specifically for heroin."

      The victim said Harrington is "(expletive) weird with this rescue (expletive)." This victim told police she thought Harrington's expertise in computers allowed him to find out a lot of personal information about her and would have information about her and her family.

      Harrington has denied the allegations against him.

      "I didn't do anything. It's all false," Harrington told FOX6 News.

      On Thursday, April 7th, Harrington's attorney Craig Mastantuono told FOX6 News: "Mr. Harrington has been and will continue to respond in court and maintain his innocence."

      Mastantuono pointed out that Harrington has complied with all court orders, made all of his court appearances, has posted bail repeatedly, and is frustrated by the fact that he continues to be arrested when he could be ordered into court voluntarily to face the charges against him.