Edwin Almestica bound over for trial in Cudahy homicide

MILWAUKEE -- Edwin Almestica is bound over for trial after a preliminary hearing Monday morning. Almestica is charged in the fatal shooting of a man at a home in Cudahy. He faces one count of first degree reckless homicide and one count of possession of a firearm by a felon.

Cudahy police say 19-year-old Dawid Opalinski was killed via a gunshot wound to the chest during a party at a home. The medical examiner pronounced Opalinski dead at the scene, after police and fire officials attempted to revive him unsuccessfully.

According to the criminal complaint in this case, police interviewed a woman who said there was a party at a residence, and Opalinski and Almestica were at the party. The woman told police Opalinski was talking with a man, when he was approached by Almestica and a scuffle ensued, during which Opalinski apparently punched Almestica in the face. The woman told police she heard a “pop,” and saw a “red spot” on Opalinski’s chest and realized he had been shot. The woman says Almestica then fled the residence.

Police also interviewed a man, who said Opalinski was upset towards the end of this party, and mentioned he was about to punch Almestica in the face. The man told police Almestica came through the door wielding a small handgun, and pointed it at Opalinski, before he heard a “pop.” The man says he was shoulder to shoulder with Opalinski when he was shot.

If convicted, Almestica faces up to 60 years in prison. He's scheduled back in court on March 23rd.