Edgerton becomes Hogwarts! Annual "Harry Potter Festival" a big hit!

EDGERTON, Wisconsin -- The second annual "Harry Potter Festival" took place in Edgerton October 21st through the 23rd -- and fans of all ages were transported to a world of wizards and witches.

Edgerton is a city of about 5,500 people -- and once a year, it is transformed into a world of all things Harry Potter.

This year, organizers planned for nearly 50,000 witches and wizards over the course of the festival's three days.
The festival boosts small businesses in the area, according to some Edgerton entrepreneurs.

"It's a small town. Seeing all the people -- it's more than the actual population of the town itself," Casey Cramer said.

"It's bringing a lot of folks into town, to see what a nice community this is," Ted Casper said.

"When we do things, we do things full board!" Todd Finkenbinder said."We're looking forward to trying out all the different book stores, candy stores and all the events that they have here for us."

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