Ebola themed Halloween: Texas man decorates for disease

TEXAS (WITI) -- Some say a Halloween-loving homeowner in Texas may have gone too far. James Faulk decorated his house like a decontamination unit.

Faulk says he loves Halloween and figured Ebola was the scariest thing out there right now. So he spent about $150 at a hospital auction.

Then spent up to five hours decorating his townhouse to make it look like it was being decontaminated.

"It's all good fun and peoples skins are too thin these days anyways and around this time of year it's time to lighten up," said Faulk.

Faulk said police were called to the house the fight night the display went up, so he added a "Happy Halloween" banner to prove the display is not real.

He says the display will stay up through Halloween.