"Easy to remember:" Couples wed on Valentine's day at Milwaukee's courthouse

MILWAUKEE -- Valentine's Day may be a Hallmark kind of occasion, but FOX6 News found plenty of couples taking it to a higher level. For some couples in Milwaukee, they turned a candy and flowers kind of day into their wedding day!

Some couples were at the Milwaukee County Courthouse on Tuesday, February 14th for matrimonial bliss -- putting a bit more meaning into the day of love.

Each couple had their own story to tell.

It wasn't your run-of-the-mill courtroom either -- instead festively decorated for the special occasion.

"It is my pleasure, my privilege to pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride," said the officiant.

"We came about two months ago and filed for it and that was the day we picked out. Easy to remember," said Jessie Horenberger and Maria Hernandez, just married.

"This is about the best day of my life. Now I look forward to my future with her," said Calvin Armstrong, just married.

The special Valentine's Wedding Day has been a tradition at the Milwaukee County Courthouse for more than a decade. The couples and their loved ones were excited, but so were the judges and commissioners who volunteered to officiate -- and the clerk and court staff.