East Coast storm "Sandy" affecting travel out of Mitchell International

MILWAUKEE -- Sandy -- a massive tropical storm packing powerful winds and the potential of life-threatening storm surges up to 11 feet high (according to the National Hurricane Center) has the East Coast bracing for bad weather. The storm has the potential of colliding with a cold front from the West to create a "superstorm" that could stall over the Eastern Seaboard for days. Officials at Milwaukee's Mitchell International Airport are urging travelers to stay in contact with airlines as Sandy makes landfall.

Hurricane Sandy has already proven to be deadly, with officials blaming the storm for at least 60 deaths. That figure includes 44 people in Haiti, with 12 more reported missing. Another 16 deaths in Cuba, Jamaica, Panama, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico were blamed on the storm.

At 11 a.m. ET Sunday, the National Hurricane Center put the storm at about 250 miles southeast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Sandy was moving at about 14 mph with 75 mph maximum sustained winds.

Passengers at Milwaukee's Mitchell International Airport like Tom Disher took the last minute travel changes Sunday in stride. Airline officials were being cautious regarding flights headed for the East Coast.