Duck nesting in planter near Waukesha Domino's restaurant

WAUKESHA (WITI) -- Workers at a Domino's Pizza restaurant in Waukesha have discovered a duck seemingly living in a planter near the restaurant -- an animal that seems unfazed by the foot traffic coming in and out of the restaurant just a few feet away.

The Domino's Pizza restaurant is located on East North Street in Waukesha -- a busy road, so the restaurant sees a lot of customers.

One Domino's "customer" has no problem waiting for her "delivery." In fact, her spot is reserved. Most of the human Domino's customers pass by without noticing the duck is there.

The mother duck is nesting in a planter.

"Nobody notices at all. I haven't seen a single person stop and look," Domino's delivery driver Brian Olszewski said.

Workers at the restaurant say they first noticed the duck and eggs on the Fourth of July.

"Kind of our Independence bird," another Domino's employee said.

She hasn't moved since.

"If (the eggs) do hatch, I'm worried about her getting to the river and stuff with all this traffic," a Domino's employee said.

Workers say the bird is now part of their flock.

"She seems in good health and everything, so it's just a matter of taking care of her babies once they're born. We're all quacked up about it!" a Domino's employee said.

Ducks will sit on their eggs for nearly a month. Workers at Domino's say if the eggs hatch, they already have names picked out for the chicks: pepperoni, sausage and the like!