Dropout Fight Club: Where beginners and pros can get fit

Looking for an hour-long workout that will kick your butt and leave you wanting more. 

Brian is at Dropout Fight Club where beginners and pros can get fit in an old-school boxing hall.

About Dropout Fight Club (website)

Otto Ohlsson, founder and owner of Dropout Fight Club really found his footing during the chaos of the 2020 Covid pandemic. He had already realized he wanted to open a boxing gym, but it was in the depths of all the sadness that something truly beautiful started to bloom.

Dropout is a group fitness boxing studio valuing fitness & community. The Dropout workout is a full body experience that will build your fitness foundation with hour-long classes consisting of 12 rounds divided into three stations: heavy bags, wrecking balls, and floor work, all set on the backdrop of an old school, vintage boxing hall.