Drivers who take I-94 in Racine, Milwaukee Counties will see major changes

SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN -- Drivers who take I-94 in Racine and Milwaukee counties will see another major change coming along the highway. One of those changes is happening overnight.

The southbound lanes will be closed from 10 p.m. Friday, Nov. 8 to 6 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 9 between Highway 20 and 142. Drivers will wake up to several ramps reopened.

"Saturday morning, 6 a.m., we should see all these key ramps in the southbound direction reopening -- that's highway 11, KR, Braun, 58th Street, and Highway E," said Ryan Luck, Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

I-94 crossover changes

Wisconsin Department of Transportation officials say drivers will be in full 12-foot lanes -- with shoulders on the southbound side.

Kate Reindl

For some, construction news along I-94 is both good and bad.

"Drexel is our usual on-ramp, off-ramp. But the freeway does need to get done," said Kate Reindl, Oak Creek resident.

The good news is the northbound Drexel ramps are open. But with that, the Ryan Road northbound ramps are closed.

"Now with Ryan being closed if there's an accident and you can't get off on Drexel , which is our exit, we have to drive all the way down to Racine, get off, go around, and them come back," said Reindl.

Tony Finney

"There's been a lot of people looking for the best way on and off the highway," said Tony Finney, Oak Creek resident.

Officials tell drivers to detour on Drexel or County Road G.

The Ryan Road ramp heading northbound will be closed for the next month or so.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is reminding drivers to take it slow -- the speed limit is still 60 miles per hour.

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