Drivers take note: Ramp from I-41/894 northbound to I-94 westbound is now open

MILWAUKEE --  The I-41/894 north ramp to I-94 west reopened to traffic Wednesday morning, November 25th.

Traffic on I-41/894 north will now exit on the left-hand side and, after merging with I-41 south to I-94 west system ramp traffic, enter I-94 west in the right-hand lane.

This configuration will be in place long-term, but in its final design, motorists will both enter and exit the ramp from the right-hand side of traffic.

Access to WIS 100 from the I-41/894 north to the I-94 west ramp will not be available until late 2017.

I-41/894 north traffic wishing to access WIS 100, south of I-94, should exit at Greenfield Avenue and continue west to WIS 100.