Driver who struck Marquette students says he remembers nothing

MILWAUKEE -- The man who ran over two Marquette University students near 17th and Wisconsin spoke with FOX6 News on Wednesday, November 21st -- and said he doesn't remember a thing!

71-year-old Willie Page had just dropped his wife off at work on Monday, morning, November 12th. He had no idea that moments later, he would suffer what he says was a seizure while behind the wheel -- ultimately hitting and injuring two Marquette students.

Honnalee Go and Nicole Gibson were injured when Page's vehicle jumped the curb and ran them over.

"I dropped my wife off at Sloan's down on 12th Street, and then I remember turning the corner.  I was heading down toward Potawatomi -- that's what I was intending to do.  Next thing I know, I thought I was down on 17th Street by the expressway, but my buddy says I was down by Marquette running over people," Page said.

Police caught up with Page just south of the 17th and Wisconsin intersection -- on Clybourn. Newly-released police records show Page told authorities he did not remember the accident.

"I just remember the cops surrounded me and taking me out of the car. Then I remember being in the hospital," Page said.

The report indicates Page suffered a "medical condition, which caused the crash." He says when doctors told him what had happened, he didn't believe it. 

"While I was sitting in the bed, I guess I had another seizure that lasted about two minutes and he got it on camera. He showed me and then, okay, this is what happened, I can see me doing this, so this must be true. But I have no recollection of it," Page said.

As for the two Marquette students, Gibson suffered a fractured skull and fractured left leg, while Go had fractures to both of her legs and a lacerated kidney. Both of the girls lost consciousness at the scene, but were stabilized at Froedtert Hospital. 

"I wanted to try and find out who they were so I could apologize. I mean, it's not my fault or nothing like that, but I had hurt somebody and I don't like it," Page said.

Page's license has been suspended pending his medical results. 

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