Driver arrested after crash kills 1, injures others near 51st and Silver Spring

MILWAUKEE -- A car slammed into another near McGovern Park on Saturday morning, April 20 leaving one man dead and his loved ones reeling in pain.

When police tape is pulled across 51st and Silver Spring, one woman across town says her heart was yanked.

Crash near 51st and Silver Spring

"I'm just torn apart," she said. "Feel like I'm about ready to have a nervous breakdown."

Alice Johnson had a sleepless night after receiving devastating news. She was told someone very special to her died around 2:30 a.m.

"He was my foster child," she said.

Milwaukee police say he was killed in a crash. The damage was so bad that the front of both vehicles involved were obliterated.

"I think it's really too rough for me to see it," she said.

Crash near 51st and Silver Spring

Investigators were on scene, trying to reconstruct the incident and figure out how it all happened. What we do know so far is that the deceased victim was driving a car with two other passengers inside when his car was struck by another vehicle. Two passengers were taken to the hospital. The other driver was taken to the hospital and arrested for knowingly operating a vehicle after suspension causing death.

Crash near 51st and Silver Spring

Meanwhile, Johnson says one tragic moment has affected many people.

"He had a lot of friends," said Johnson. "I know they are taking it in very hard. I know his mom is a nervous wreck."

Living children no longer have a father.

"They are going to be very upset, and that hurts me," said Johnson.

While Johnson waits to learn why this tragedy happened, all she can do is look for ways to cope with the mourning.

"Be there for the family," she said. "He was a real good child."

FOX6 is not identifying the victim until police release his name. As for the people taken to the hospital, they are expected to be OK.

The other driver was arrested following the crash for knowingly operating a vehicle after suspension causing death. Criminal charges will be presented to the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office in the coming days.