DPW officials to make decision on scooter operations in Milwaukee in early 2020

MILWAUKEE -- Officials with the Milwaukee Department of Public Works on Thursday, Dec. 5 offered an update on the city's "Dockless Scooter Pilot Study," set to end on Dec. 31.

DPW officials said per the pilot program, scooter companies were required to reduce their fleet starting Nov. 15 due to winter weather conditions, and all three operators in Milwaukee, Spin, Bird, and Lime, chose to end their operations for the remainder of the year. Prior to Nov. 15, there were five days when at least one operator did not deploy scooters because of weather conditions.

The pilot program began on July 23, 2019 with the purpose of observing, soliciting feedback on, and evaluating the effectiveness of dockless scooters in Milwaukee.

DPW officials said they planned to make a recommendation in regard to future dockless scooter operations in Milwaukee in early 2020.