DPW crews take advantage of warmer weather; fill potholes: 'They are just horrible'

MILWAUKEE -- Several days of calm and mild weather has given the City of Milwaukee's Department of Public Works a prime opportunity to do patchwork on city streets.

Easing into spring sounds like a great idea, but for Matt Knetzger, it has been a rocky start.

Patching potholes in Milwaukee

Patching potholes in Milwaukee

"There's streets you can drive 35 miles-an-hour down and I'm doing 20, because everything in my truck will be on the ground," Knetzger said.

The delivery truck driver logs several hundred miles a day in a big box truck -- and said Milwaukee streets are not very forgiving.

"You've got to avoid every single pothole you can. They are just horrible," Knetzger said.

Patching potholes in Milwaukee

So while Knetzger said his truck is taking a beating, DPW crews are hitting back. Crews are patching potholes pretty much year-round, according to a department spokeswoman. On Wednesday, Feb. 28, FOX6 News caught up with a crew patching its way through the Bay View neighborhood.

DPW officials said they have crews filling potholes any day there is not snow coverage or heavy rain. So far for 2018, there have been fewer potholes reported to the city than the same time frame in 2017. But that does not mean the crews don't have their work cut out for them.