Dozens protest no-charging decision by walking streets in downtown Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- It was a decision 8 months in the making. The District Attorney finally released a report indicating Milwaukee Police Officer Christopher Manney's use of force in the shooting death of Dontre Hamilton was justified self-defense and he would not be charged.

As you can imagine, that further infuriated Hamilton supporters.

Red Arrow Park is where the shooting took place back in April, it is also ground zero for supporters and protesters. They gathered early Monday morning when they knew the decision was being announced. They tell FOX6 News their desire for justice has not stopped.

 As they are grieving and mourning this decision, we are standing with them in solidarity and our hearts are broken as well," said All Peoples Church Pastor, Steve Jerbi.

Broken hearts because of what they feel is a broken system.

"District Attorney Chisholm is not the only failure in our system, it's the entire government in the city of Milwaukee and state of Wisconsin. They should bear responsibility and feel the blood of Dontre Hamilton," said a protester.

Supporters of Dontre Hamilton are disappointed in the recent decision not to criminally charge former Milwaukee Police Officer Christopher Manney for fatally shooting Dontre in April.

A few dozen people gathered at the very spot where Dontre was gunned down to be there for the family in whatever capacity necessary. They took the streets, marching to meet up with the Hamilton family.

, we are going to push for charges and not going to stop," said a protester.

Let down, but not discouraged.

"This doesn't end with DA Chisholm's decision that we will continue to be working for justice with every recourse possible," said Pastor Jerbi.

After the meeting at Red Arrow Park, protesters marched to All Peoples Church where they had another planning meeting. Along the way, protesters shouted their disapproval of the District Attorney's decision to not charge Christopher Manney.

"I didn't know the young man but the thing is, I knew he was wrong to shoot someone 14 times," said James Beasley, protester.

Their route took them through Grand Avenue Mall onto 6th Street, and eventually onto Dr. Martin Luther King Drive in the direction of a church north of downtown.

Some marching knew Dontre Hamilton personally -- others say he reminds them of their own child.

"It's not a black and white thing, it's all of us," said Beasley.

The protesters made their way into the church for a meeting to plan their next step.

Showing her support outside was U.S. Representative Gwen Moore.

"I was not surprised that the officer was not charged. I have requested that the feds come in and do an investigation of this case and I would like to see practice and procedures be reviewed. We need the police, we need a police force that is responsive, to us as citizens to protect and to serve, not a police that over reaches in its power," said Moore.

FOX6 News is told they are now organizing to make calls and reach out to the proper channels in hopes that federal charges are brought forth.

Manney is at least the third white police officer to avoid charges in the past month after a confrontation that led to a black man's death.