Dozens gather in West Bend to show support for Gov. Walker

WEST BEND -- They call themselves the silent majority, but on Saturday there was nothing quiet about supporters of Governor Scott Walker as dozens hold a rally in West Bend.

Car after car, drivers honked their horns in support, as others held signs at the intersection of Paradise and Silverbrook Dr. One protester says they came because they are sick of all the recall petition efforts on the news. Another says the governor needs to see support.

Meanwhile, those trying to recall the governor held signs directing those wishing to sign a petition to a place where they could do so.

Regardless of what side of the issue they are on, both sides agree Wisconsin will see a recall election.

Walker supporter Tom M. says, "I think we can get that silent majority to be a little more vocal. It's going to happen and I think this recall group is a small group. I think they've fooled a lot of people in the state."

Recall supporter Waring F. says, "We've been collecting signatures from Republicans, from independents, from moderates, from people on the left. People coming in and saying 'I voted for Walker and this isn't what I signed up for.'"

To have a recall, a little more than 540,000 signatures are needed by January 17th to have a recall election.