Double shooting on Milwaukee's northwest side leave 2 men seriously injured; 3 in custody

MILWAUKEE -- Two men suffer serious injuries following a shooting on Milwaukee's northwest side. It happened outside of a gas station on Appleton and Capitol.

That shooting happened just after 10:00 p.m. Friday June 30th.

Kimberly Peavy and her husband, Eddie Roundtree, live near where the shooting occurred.

Shooting was at a gas station on Appleton and Capitol Friday June 30th

"I was laying upstairs in my bed and I heard a lot of police sirens and they were going around and around and around,"

Peavy said.

They say while the area is normally pretty quiet, they have seen an increase in drug activity.

"It's our neighborhood and the last thing you want is that type of activity continually going on," Roundtree said.

They've put up a sign in their front yard -- with a clear message.

Couple near gas station post sign in their yard for everyone to see

Peavy said, "we put the sign up to let people know, we are paying attention, we are looking."

The victims were transported to a local hospital for treatment of serious injuries.

Milwaukee Police tells FOX6 that three suspects were taken into custody shortly after the shooting.

The investigation is still ongoing.