Dontre Hamilton's family members meet with MPD officials, so what did they learn?

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Another demonstration in downtown Milwaukee on Monday, August 25th. This, as loved ones in Missouri held a funeral service for 18-year-old Michael Brown -- the unarmed teen gunned down by a Ferguson police officer in an incident that has incited riots and protests. In Milwaukee, protesters are using Brown's death to put a spotlight on policing in this city -- and central to the demonstrations here is the death of 31-year-old Dontre Hamilton. Hamilton was shot by a Milwaukee police officer inside Red Arrow Park in downtown Milwaukee in April. No one has been charged in connection with Hamilton's death.

The case involving Hamilton's death has been under investigation since it happened.

Per a new law, the state's Department of Justice was the outside agency that handled the investigation. The DOJ's reports have been handed over to the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office for review and a charging decision.

On Monday, August 25th, as demonstrators took part in a march in downtown Milwaukee, Dontre Hamilton's family members met with Milwaukee police to get an update on the investigation. They say they want the name of the officer who shot and killed Hamilton to be released to the public.

Since Dontre Hamilton was shot and killed on April 30th, his family members have sought information from police -- including the name of the officer who killed him. Hamilton's brother is comparing the timetable of this case with the sharing of information in the Michael Brown shooting in Missouri.

"Right now, what sets us apart from Ferguson? What makes them able to get this information in two weeks and here we are four months later and we do not have any information?" Nathaniel Hamilton said.

The Hamilton family asked to speak with Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn, but agreed to meet with other members of the Milwaukee Police Department on Monday.

Following the meeting, Nathaniel Hamilton expressed dissatisfaction, saying he's hopeful they will eventually have the opportunity to meet with Chief Flynn.

"That`s what we wanted. Our intention is to find out the officer's name, to find out if he was hurt. That he was hit and did obtain body harm from Dontre," Nathaniel Hamilton said.

As far as the demonstration occurring on Monday in downtown Milwaukee, the Hamilton family says they haven't organized the demonstrations, but they have attended them -- to support Dontre.

"He was a citizen. He didn`t deserve to die, so I come to support. I come in his name, in his honor," Dontre's mother, Maria Hamilton said.

The Milwaukee Police Department has not made a statement on Monday's meeting with the Hamilton family.

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