Dontre Hamilton protests: How long will they continue? "Forever, as long as I live"

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A group of protesters walked from Red Arrow Park in downtown Milwaukee on Friday evening, October 10th -- and made their way to the Police Administration Building. Those protesters are seeking answers in the police-involved shooting of Dontre Hamilton.

31-year-old Hamilton was shot and killed by an officer on April 30th in Red Arrow Park. Hamilton's family members and other supporters have expressed frustration that they have yet to receive answers in the case — even months later. The protestors want the name of the officer who shot Hamilton to be made public -- and they’d like the injuries the officer is said to have suffered that day to be detailed. Of course — they’re also awaiting a charging decision in the case.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office will make the final decision as to whether any charges will be filed in Dontre Hamilton’s death.

Officials with the district attorney’s office tells FOX6 News the FBI is reviewing the specific question of the use of force. We’re told a national use of force expert is also reviewing the use of force in this case. The D.A.’s Office says a local police agency has already reviewed the use of force in this case. Which agency that is, hasn't been made clear.

Protesters marched from Red Arrow Park to a parking garage, where they stopped to rally. What started as an effort to demand answers in the death of 31 year old Dontre Hamilton, now seems like an almost weekly protest march.

"We're just showing unity, basically we're showing reserve and you know w'ere just showing Dontre that we're going to keep his name alive," said Kendrick Newman-Murrell, Dontre's brother.

Frustrated by the lack of information about his death, protesters have long sought to make public the name of the officer who shot Hamilton -- and details about the injuries that officer apparently sustained.

In past rallies, protesters have even staged sit-ins in hopes details would be released.

On Friday, they didn't go that far -- but they did stroll through Milwaukee's downtown in the middle of the street, eventually stopping in the parking garage.

While the chants and signs are now familiar, perhaps the focus of the protests has changed.

"My main objective is just to keep his name alive, and show what he knew before he died that we were here for him," said Newman-Murrell.

As for how long they plan to keep showing up...

"Forever, as long as I live," said Newman-Murrell.

The group appeared to be smaller in size than some of the past protests. It looked like there were maybe a few dozen out there on Friday.

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