‘Don’t stretch it’: Woman fights back after Walmart employee’s sweater comment

A woman is fighting back over something a Walmart employee said to her as she was trying on clothes.

Shiann Friesen, 19, a plus-size vlogger from Canada, posted video to her YouTube channel of the incident.

In the video, Friesen is attempting to try on sweaters and other clothes. You see the employee and hear her say, "Just don't try to push it."

Friesen asks the woman what she means by that.

"Just don't try to put on something that's obviously not going to fit. That's all I'm asking. Just don't stretch it. That's all I asking. I'm not trying to impertinent or anything," the employee says.

At that point, the woman sees the camera, so Friesen says she puts it away so she won't be asked to delete it.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Friesen said:

"I was so shocked; I had to ask her to repeat what she had said because maybe I would hear it differently. And of course, I didn't. But I quickly recognized that I was being discriminated against, and I was hurt. I felt anger, and vulnerability-- something I never would have expected to happen to me. It brought out flashes of stories I've heard on the news, now only it wasn't some stranger being discriminated, it was me."

Friesen says she reached out to Walmart and they reportedly said they are "extremely sorry and extremely shocked that this even happened at one of their stores."