Don't make a wrong click when shopping online

Online shopping is a real convenience for people who don't want to fight the crowds or burn the gas to get the store. Plus, it's nice to be able to get what you need with one click, but be careful where you browse.

Sherry Payne's debit card took a great vacation, too bad she wasn't along for the ride. Somehow her debit card number was stolen and her bank account was tapped out. All charges from an international trip she never took. She said, "When I Googled them it appeared I had been buying both plane and bus tickets and hotel accommodations in Sweden and Norway."

Payne immediately called her credit union, since she'd been a long time customer and thought according the her contract, she'd only be responsible for $50 of the fraudulent charges. "Kind of caring professional, everything you'd want them to be, but they said no, no. Debit card charges made outside the United States and debit card is not guaranteed like a credit card is," she says.

Then she took it higher to the debit card company and consumer protection and to Contact 6. While the credit union didn't respond to Contact 6, Payne says soon she met with the credit union and agreed to rewrite the fine print in the debit card contract making it clear about not covering international fraud charges.

Payne is using her credit card now online, instead of her debit card, because the protection is better. She only gives that three digit security code to trusted sites.

Contact 6 was able to get more than $1,400 of her cash back.