Don't become a victim: Dodge Co. Sheriff's Office warns of "Green Dot" telephone scam

DODGE CO. (WITI) -- The Dodge County Sheriff's Office is warning the public about a telephone scam they could encounter.

On Tuesday, September 23rd, the Dodge County Central Communications Center received numerous reports from citizens who had received calls from individuals claiming they were Deputies of the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office. The caller told the citizen that he or she had an active warrant. In many reports, the caller was told they had missed jury duty and a warrant had been issued for their arrest. These calls are fraudulent and placed by telephone scammers. The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office did not place these phone calls.

The victim is usually instructed during the call to purchase a Green Dot card loaded with a specific amount of money that will void the bogus warrant. The victim is then asked to either take picture of the card, text or email it, or to call back and provide them the number of the Green Dot card.

Sheriff Ninmann stated the following in a news release:

“Telephone scams, where callers demand Green Dot funds from citizens, is nearing an epidemic nationwide. Do not fall prey to these scammers. Unfortunately many of these scammers identify themselves as local law enforcement and then solicit money from their victims. Typically these scammers threaten legal action if the caller does not comply and provide money via a Green Dot card. No law enforcement officer, to include Deputies from the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office, will ever solicit funds via Green Dot Card to avoid arrest.”