Donation allows Racine P.D. to get third patrol canine

RACINE -- The Racine Police Department is extremely thankful for the generosity of Jen Johnson and Paul Roushia. Their donations to the department allowed it to acquire a third patrol canine.

Late last year, Jen Johnson generously contributed to secure a second patrol dog for the Department. This second patrol dog and handler have completed training and are now deployed on a daily basis.

Early this year, Jen Johnson contributed $86,000 to acquire a third patrol dog. This large donation will purchase the dog and all of the necessary equipment for this third dog.

The Racine Police Department was contacted, late last year, by Paul Roushia. Roushia is a Racine native, who now resides in Virginia. Mr. Roushia has extensive canine experience and now owns and operates American Canine Interdiction in Virginia. American Canine Interdiction provides canine training for law enforcement and the military.

Roushia learned about the Racine Police Department’s interest in additional patrol dogs and contacted the Department. Roushia offered to provide the training for a handler and dog at no cost to the City of Racine.

These contributions allow the Department to expand the canine unit and significantly increase the availability of a canine unit for call response.