Donald Trump selects Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as running mate

MILWAUKEE -- Indiana Governor Mike Pence will be Donald Trump's running mate. Meanwhile, anti-Trump Republicans are making their last stand ahead of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, which begins Monday, July 18th.

Donald Trump, Mike Pence

Trump's campaign said Thursday, July 14th that Trump will announce his running mate on Friday morning, and that he's still making a decision.

CNN on Thursday evening learned Trump called Pence and offered him the vice-presidential slot on his ticket.

Pence accepted.

Pence comes with credentials and controversy. The former congressman will bring Trump credibility with members of Congress like House Speaker Paul Ryan.

"It's no secret I'm a big fan of Mike Pence. We're very good friends. I have very high regard for him. I hope that he picks a good movement conservative. Clearly Mike is one of those. But there are other good people that he's considering as well," said Ryan.

Mike Pence, Donald Trump

But Pence is also a controversial governor, who signed legislation critics say would allow discrimination against gays and lesbians.

As the Pence news broke on Thursday, the "Never Trump" movement made its last stand.

Trump has the nomination locked up if delegates remain bound to vote for him.

Anti-Trump forces are trying to get the Republican National Convention's "Rules Committee" to unbind the delegates, or free them to vote for someone other than Trump -- a long shot.

"There's no doubt that Donald Trump is going to be the party's nominee. But today is when people have to swallow really hard and hold their nose because it goes against what they believe the Republican Party ought to believe in," said UW-Milwaukee Professor Mordecai Lee.

Trump supporters like Van Mobley, an alternate GOP delegate from Thiensville said it's time for Republicans to get behind Trump.

Van Mobley

"I think that Trump is the best candidate we have right now, and I think he's going to win in the fall -- so people need to come along and help and get out of the way," said Mobley.

FOX6 spoke with former Governor Tommy Thompson by phone. Trump wasn't his first, second or third choice, but he said the "fight is over."

Thompson wants Republicans to unite around the goal of defeating Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump, Mike Pence