Domestic violence incidents between Radcliffe, Zina date back to 2003

BROOKFIELD -- Documents obtained by FOX6 News from the Brown Deer Police Department highlight just how familiar law enforcement was with 45-year-old Radcliffe Haughton -- the gunman in Sunday's shooting at the Azana Salon & Spa in Brookfield. Three were killed (including the gunman's wife, Zina Haughton) and four were injured in the shooting. Documents obtained by FOX6 News show reports of domestic violence incidents between Radcliffe and Zina Haughton go back nearly a decade -- to 2003.

Brown Deer police released to FOX6 News dozens of police reports outlining the contact they have had with Radcliffe and Zina Haughton -- mostly at their home on Glenbrook Drive in Brown Deer.

The first domestic violence report dates back to June 23rd of 2003. The reports indicate Zina Haughton went to the police department to report a battery incident. She told police Radcliffe had pushed her and slapped her in the face, leaving a half-inch cut to her lip. Zina admitted to police she then "became irate," and punched Radcliffe in the arm.

Police asked Zina to fill out a domestic abuse victim worksheet, but police reported Zina became upset and said "she didn't want her husband in trouble for this."

in January of 2011, a criminal complain indicates Haughton kept Brown Deer police at bay for an hour and a half after he threw his wife’s clothes and bedding into the yard. The criminal complaint states Haughton stood in the window, slid open the curtains and pointed a long-barreled black object out the window. He aimed this object at Zina Haughton, who stood three feet away from officers outside.

The criminal complaint says the incident ended when officers left the scene.

In a statement, Brown Deer police officials indicated Zina Haughton was uncooperative during this investigation — reportedly refusing to allow officers into the home and telling officers she was not fearful for her safety. The statement indicates officers left the scene because the suspect (Radcliffe Haughton) was home alone at the time, and Zina Haughton claimed Radcliffe Haughton did not have any weapons in the home.

The case was referred to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office for charges, but dismissed after Zina Haughton and a Brown Deer police officer did not show up for a court date, and Radcliffe Haughton was never arrested.

In a statement, Brown Deer police officials said the following regarding this incident: “We understand that domestic violence victims are not always willing to cooperate with the police and are fearful of further retaliation. However, without key information, the police are limited in their ability to make a forced entry into a private residence or pursue appropriate charges.  And in this case specifically, there was no threat that could be verified, no evidence of injury, the victim advised there were no weapons in the house (nor had he ever possessed any), and refused to allow us entry into her residence.  Ultimately her request for police assistance was so that she could leave.”

Another significant incident occurred on October 2nd, 2012. Zina Haughton reportedly called 911 from a Brown Deer gas station. When an officer responded, he noticed Zina had scrapes and marks on her face. Pictures were taken by police, and reports indicate Zina's clothes were ripped and she wasn't wearing any shoes.

The reports indicate Zina told officers Radcliffe was trying to get her cell phone because he was accusing her of having an affair. Later, Zina denied that Radcliffe assaulted her and the officer said she was "uncooperative."

A family member told police it was Zina who reportedly came home drunk that night, and said "when she gets drunk, she gets real mean." That family member told police when Radcliffe tried taking Zina's phone, he pushed her and Zina then began biting him in an attempt to get away.

Two days later, on October 4th, Zina called Brookfield police from the Azana Salon & Spa reporting that her husband had just slashed tires on her car.

Four days later, on October 8th, Zina dropped off a restraining order against Radcliffe at the Brown Deer Police Department.

Thursday, October 18th, the restraining order against Radcliffe was granted during a court appearance. Two days later, Radcliffe reportedly purchased the gun used in the shooting from a private citizen. Then, early Sunday afternoon, Radcliffe entered the Azana Salon & Spa and opened fire.