Dolphin found shot to death on California beach

MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. – A dolphin died from an apparent bullet wound earlier this month on Manhattan Beach in Southern California, authorities said Friday.

The dolphin was found on Nov. 8 after officials responded to reports of a dolphin washing up in the surf and had one bullet hole, Peter Wallerstein, of the Marine Animal Rescue, said.

"There is no excuse for such brutality against these beautiful animals," the Marine Animal Rescue said on its Facebook page.

Dozens of people left comments expressing shock and sadness.

"There are no words... I only hope this sick person is caught and realizes what a horrific thing they have done to such an innocent and intelligent mammel (sic) who have been documented countless times saving humans," wrote Pam Fisher.

A $5,000 reward was being offered for information leading to the conviction of the person who shot the dolphin.

No other information was available.