DOJ investigates fatal police shooting near 15th and Illinois in Sheboygan

SHEBOYGAN -- Police were called out to the report of a man with two knives running at a woman near 15th Street and Indiana Avenue, just before 6 a.m. Thursday morning.

Police Chief Christopher Domagalski

"Upon arrival, the officer attempted to engage the suspect in conversation from across the street," Police Chief Christopher Domagalski said.

The chief says the man charged at the officer.

"The officer ordered the subject to stop and continued to retreat while attempting to deploy his taser. The subject continued to chase the officer, forcing the officer to transition to his firearm and discharge his firearm at the subject," he said.

Aaron Clayborn (right)

The man died at the scene.

"Very humble, loving caring, sensitive young man," Aaron Clayborn said.

Kevan Ruffin

Family members identify the man killed as Kevan Ruffin.

Sheriyah Appleton

"He had a mental disability. Schizophrenia," Sheriyah Appleton said. "Regardless of what the situation was, he was a mentally ill patient. He was a person that needed help, psychiatric help."

Appleton, Ruffin's cousin, is left with questions about what happened.

"If he was any other color he still be here, we would be able to visit him and to see him," Appleton said.

"I want everybody to know that the council will ensure this process is fair, equitable and addresses the questions of our community," Ryan Sorenson said.

Police say the officer involved has been with the department for two and a half years and has been placed on administrative leave, as the investigation continues.

Officer-involved shooting at 15th and Illinois, Sheboygan

The Department of Justice is investigating the deadly shooting. Both the Sheboygan city council and the ACLU of Wisconsin are calling for a transparent investigation.

Protesters filled Sheboygan streets later Thursday, demanding justice in Ruffin's name.