Dogs can become part of the family, but what happens when a couple breaks up? Enter the "pre-pup!"

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Dogs can become a part of the family -- but what happens if a couple splits up? That's where the "pre-pup" comes in -- a prenup for your pets!

People love their pets. It's a bond that has stood the test of time. Pets give us their unconditional love, and in many cases, couples can look at pets as their children.

Human relationships...can be tricky.

So what happens when Baxter gets caught up in a breakup?

"Pet custody disputes can become very, very ugly because people love their pets so much, and for so many couples, the pet is more than just an animal. It's really part of the family," attorney Ann Margaret Carrozza said.

As the divorce rate continues to rise, "pre-pups" or pet prenups are becoming more popular.

"Legally speaking, ownership of the pet is considered ownership of the sofa, or kitchen appliances. It depends on who bought it -- without a written agreement," Carrozza said.

"My husband and I do not have a puppy prenup -- but he's pretty much obsessed with the dog, pretty much as much as I am. But God, if something ever happened, we'd work out some kind of shared situation," dog owner Tara Murphy said.

These real-life dog fights have gotten so serious, that in one divorce case in New York became the first to dedicate an entire court date to the couple's canine!