Dog that attacked Mount Pleasant girl released to owner

MOUNT PLEASANT (WITI) -- FOX6 News has received an update on a dog that was taken to the Wisconsin Humane Society after attacking a young girl on March 2nd.

Mount Pleasant police say a nine-year-old girl suffered injuries after she was attacked by the loose dog in the 1400 block of Rosalind Avenue.

Police say upon their arrival at the scene, they observed a gray pitbull walking in the area. The dog was loose, and did not live on the property where the attack occurred.

Police believe the dog lives in the 3500 block of Sheridan Road.

Police say the girl suffered cuts to her face, as well as a cut and puncture wound to her right leg. The girl told police the dog bit her four or five times. She was treated inside a home by South Shore Fire officials.

The girl told police she was walking with her friend when the dog ran out from between two houses and attacked her.

Police say the girl told them as the dog bit her on the leg, she fell down, and as she tried to get up, the dog bit her on the head.

Police say two witnesses were able to help scare the dog away — preventing the girl from further attack.

Officers on scene used a dog pole to secure the animal.

FOX6 News has now learned the dog has been returned to its owner, who was issued a $124 citation after the attack for having a dog running at large.

The dog's owner told police at the time of the attack, the dog didn't have his rabies shot. The dog was vaccinated against rabies prior to being given back to his owner.

Mount Pleasant police say they have an ordinance in place that adds restrictions to the release of vicious animals after it has been determined that the animal has attacked twice in a 12-month period.

This case was this particular dog's first documented attack with the Mount Pleasant Police Department -- so he was able to be released to his owner.

Police say they responded to the Sheridan Road address in October of 2013 for a report of a loose dog that was “active and appeared aggressive.”

In this incident, after police say the dog charged at an officer, the dog was shot and killed.

Police say they found illegal drugs on the property — and a significant amount of drug-related equipment.