Dog gets loose and walks to her doggie daycare center

(FOX) -- A Pennsylvania family's pup made a great escape -- back to doggy daycare!

When the Fitzpatrick's two-year-old German Shepherd, Bianca got loose on Friday morning, January 3rd, they feared they would never see her again.

Bianca broke free after her owner slipped while heading back into the house with her -- letting go of her leash.

The family raced around the neighborhood, looking for leads, and later that afternoon, they got the phone call they had been hoping for.

It turns out, their pooch had walked two-and-a-half miles to her doggy daycare center!

"She sounded like her, her barking, her crying and she was jumping in the fence just like she does to get in here," Mary Steveline with The Barker Lounge said.

Bianca typically spends two days a week at The Barker Lounge.