Dodge County Sheriff's officials need help locating stolen trailers

DODGE COUNTY -- The Dodge County Sheriff's Department is asking for the public's help locating stolen trailers.

Sheriff's officials say several weeks ago, the department arrested and charged an individual with multiple trailer thefts.  Officials say the man would scout potential targets, take photos, find a buyer on Craigslist, then return and steal the trailer.  Often, he would scratch or remove identification numbers.  Authorities have recovered a couple of pontoon boat trailers suspect had stolen and quickly sold.  

Sheriff's officials believe several other stolen trailer cases may be tied to this man. Officials are seeking those who may have innocently purchased a stolen trailer.

Sheriff's officials say to retain a stolen trailer may subject the owner to criminal charges so it is best if you call authorities if you feel you may have purchased a stolen trailer. Those in possession of a stolen trailer may be eligible to receive restitution for the amount paid for the trailer. 

Sheriff's officials have released the following information regarding the thefts:

            Anyone with information is asked to contact lead investigator Detective Kevin Day at (920) 386-3963.