Dodge County Sheriff's Office unveils newly designed squad cars, family that designed them

DODGE COUNTY -- Dodge County Sheriff's officials have unveiled newly designed squad cars, and the family that designed them was there to take a look at the final product.

The new squad cars were revealed on Sunday, June 21st at the Swan City Car Show in Beaver Dam.

In February, the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office requested assistance from the public to help with selecting a new graphic design for Dodge County squad cars.  After the request went out, the Sheriff received 100 different designs from citizens all over the county and from people of all ages.  Sheriff’s office administration narrowed down the choices and the sheriff made a final decision to go with a design that was submitted by the Fenner Family (Jesse, Shari, Cole, and Dilan) of Lowell.

The first squad was changed over this last week and will be put in service on Monday, June 22nd.

The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office will be replacing five of its marked patrol vehicles this year and will phase out the old design in future years.