Doctor finds Anissa Weier competent to stand trial; defense challenges

WAUKESHA COUNTY (WITI) — During a competency hearing Wednesday morning, October 22nd, a court-appointed doctor found 12-year-old  Anissa Weier competent to stand trial. However, Anissa Weier's defense is challenging that report, and a competency hearing is scheduled for December 18th.

Twelve year old Anissa Weier is led into the Waukesha County courtroom fully shackled. She and her friend Morgan Geyser are accused of luring their classmate into the woods back in May, and stabbing her 19 times, nearly killing her, to please the online fictional character Slenderman.

Geyser has already been found not mentally fit to stand trial at this time, and is receiving mental treatment. But at Wednesday's hearing, we learned a court appointed doctor has found Anissa competent.

Her lawyers had already reviewed the doctor's report with their client, and will contest the findings.
"I don`t believe that has the required expertise to render an opinion," said one of Weier's attorney's.

Weier's attorneys have also consulted with a different doctor, who says Weier is not competent.
One of their main concerns, is the state doctor`s experience in dealing with juveniles.

Morgan Geyser, Anissa Weier

"If you`re not qualified to be rendering an opinion,  you may not be looking at the things that are most important -and so while it might be a valid opinion regarding an adult, when you`re dealing with someone who is 12, it is different," said Weier's attorney, Mora McMahon.
The prosecution asked for a copy of the defense's doctor's report, and wants it within a week.
Weier's family has been silent throughout the proceedings, but the family's lawyer says it's been tough on them and the other two families.

"They realize they are dealing with three very young girls, and it just breaks everybody`s heart," said McMahon.

The judge scheduled another hearing for December 18th, where both doctors will testify. The judge says that hearing could last a full day.

The young victim in this case is recovering, and has returned to school. If you wish to help the family, you can make a donation at or make a deposit at any BMO Harris Bank.

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