Do posters warning of accused groper violate his civil rights?

MILWAUKEE -- Duane Fish is accused of groping three women along Milwaukee's lakefront, and now, his face is plastered on trees in parks and along trails on Milwaukee's east side. The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office hopes to alert people that Fish was released on $500 cash bail after a court appearance on Wednesday, November 28th.

Though the Sheriff's Office has taken this measure, Fish has yet to be convicted of any crime. 

Fish has been charged with three counts of fourth degree sexual assault -- but without a plea of guilt or a conviction, are these posters a violation of Fish's civil rights?

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke says he doesn't think so. In a statement to FOX6 News, Sheriff Clarke said: "I`m concerned about the civil rights and liberties of women being able to walk down the street in the city of Milwaukee without being sexually attacked."

Civil rights attorney Jon Safran says it's all in the wording. The posters strictly inform the public of information already available to them. For example, if the fliers had not said "accused," then there would be an issue.

"From a public safety standpoint, I can certainly understand and appreciate the fact that the public should be made aware of it. The only question I would have is why this case, versus many others?," Safran said.

Safran says he believes there are many other cases and more heinous crimes which have been committed where the accused is let out on bail, but posters have not gone up.

In a statement, Sheriff Clarke said: "Low bail, watered down prosecutions and lenient sentences are a bigger problem in Milwaukee County than the public realizes.Victimizing anybody bothers me, but when they prey on women children or seniors, who are especially vulnerable, it strikes a nerve."

FOX6 News tried to contact Fish at his apartment Wednesday and Thursday, but no one answered. 

Fish is expected back in court on December 19th. Court documents show he is expected to plead guilty.

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