'Do not confront the folks:' What to do about illegal dumping on Milwaukee's south side

MILWAUKEE -- To use a cliche: one man -- or woman's -- trash is another's treasure, right? Well, what do you do if a person's trash isn't treasured by you?

It was a conundrum for people this past Tuesday, Nov. 19, whose homes butt-up against an alley near 14th and Grant on Milwaukee's south side. Instead of a car-full of trash being properly disposed of, it was piled up outside a person's home.


"That's illegal dumping of a very bold kind," said Joe Wilson.

Wilson is the executive director of Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful -- a non-profit with the goal of partnering with communities to address environmental issues, like illegal dumping.

Joe Wilson

And while it may be easy to turn a blind eye and allow others to deal with the problem, Wilson says it's on communities to keep track of where their problem areas are so they can be addressed. One way is to contact the city, or you can download the city's smartphone app to file a number of reports -- including illegal dumping -- while also remaining anonymous.

"If (illegal dumping) happens while you're witnessing it, do not confront the folks, the individuals," Wilson said. "Get the details, the license plate, a description of the individuals dumping. Then be proactive."