DO NOT answer your phone if the number dialing in is 202-609-7070

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is warning American taxpayers about a widespread phone scam. The callers fraudulently claim to be IRS agents and demand payment for fake tax liens.

The scammers usually call from a cloned number with a District of Columbia area code. The number 202-609-7070 has been frequent in complaints in the month of August. The phony agent, who usually has a heavy accent, will call or leave a voicemail saying the potential victim owes money to the IRS, and if it isn’t paid immediately, they will be arrested.

The IRS says they have received 90,000 complaints to date about the scam, and about 1,000 people have lost an estimated $5 million from the fraud.

The IRS:

    If you get a call that you believe to be a part of this scam, the IRS urges you call 1-800-366-4484 to report the incident.

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