DNR's "Bear Unit" called in after young bear causes commotion in Green Bay neighborhood

GREEN BAY (WITI) -- A bear caused quite a commotion on Green Bay’s west side Thursday morning, September 18th!

Police say a black bear was spotted around 6:00 a.m. in the area of Shawano Avenue and Locust Street.

Sue Gerbec was enjoying her morning coffee.

“I was on the porch, and he ran right past this tan house and this multiplex between the yards,” Gerbec said.

“He” was a black bear, estimated to be a couple years old, and about 200 pounds.

“He was just following his nose. The smells are getting better and better the further he moves closer to Perkins and McDonald’s, and all of a sudden it’s light, and they’re in a place where they shouldn’t be,” Jeff Pritzl, DNR District Wildlife Supervisor said.

Police corralled the bear into a backyard area off Shawano Avenue. People were told to stay inside, and the school day was just beginning.

“We had school resource officers out here for the children that live in the immediate area here. They were walking the kids directly to school, and then once they got in school, they had recess inside,” Lt. Jody Buth with the Green Bay Police Department said.

The DNR's "Bear Unit" tried to tranquilize the bear.

“The animal did not respond real well to the first administration, and so it was immobilized, but it wasn’t out enough to be safe to handle. We moved very slowly, very methodically, and gave it some more to get it to the point where it was going to be immobilized, safe to handle,” Pritzl said.

After four rounds with the traqulizer dart, the bear was finally out. It took more than a half dozen people to lift the black bear into a culvert trap. The six-hour ordeal was over, and the bear was on a one-way trip to the Northwoods.

“Moving it gives it the best chance to survive, but it doesn’t guarantee it. So, we’re giving the animal the best chance to get back to a normal routine,” Pritzl said.

“I’m glad they got him, no injuries. I hope he’s okay, and that he’ll find his way back to where he should be, not in the middle of the city,” Gerbec said.

This isn’t the first time a bear has come to Green Bay. The DNR says a mother and two cubs were spotted in a west side neighborhood earlier this summer.

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