DNR hunting app upgraded, available for iPhone, iPad & Android

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The Department of Natural Resources has improved their Sunrise-Sunset app, which was launched last year, after hearing user suggestions. The app is now available in both Android and for iPhone and iPad, the improved Sunrise/Sunset App is expanded to include more species of game and easy access to the hunting regulation pamphlets.

This means you can simply use your smart phone or iPad from where you are – in your tree stand or walking through the woods – to check for legal hunting times and the regulations for any day. This also means you don’t have to pack the regulation pamphlet because you’ll have easy access to it through this app.

Once loaded (see below for how to get it), all you need to do is tap on the “Sunrise-Sunset” app. You will learn immediately the legal times of the day to shoot at your location or check for another spot, another game and another day.

The app also now includes regulation information for deer, bear, wolf, early goose, migrating birds, small game and turkey.

Remember when you used to have to do math from the regulation pamphlet to determine your legal hunting times? No more of that! What you see on the screen for an opening time or a closing time is when you can legally pull the trigger -- or when you should no longer shoot.

Tested by Wisconsin conservation wardens, the app has been developed by the Department of Natural Resources Bureau of Law Enforcement to answer your needs. Using a GPS system, the app tells you to the second the opening and closing time for various hunting seasons for your current location.

The app is really simple to use. Just turn on your phone’s GPS. Open the app and select the date you are going to hunt (Note: it defaults to the current date, but you can change it). Select the species you want to hunt. Using your phone’s GPS, select “your current location” or set your location using the traditional state map areas (A-F) and the correct shooting opening and closing times will be displayed. The app comes complete with a state-time zone map tab, an informational tab and an email shortcut to notify the DNR about app needs and issues by email.

How to get it:

Not only is it efficient, it’s cheap – that’s 99 cents cheap! And here are two ways to get it: