DNR finds den of bobcat kittens in southwest Wisconsin

WISCONSIN -- Using GPS data, officials with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) located a den of adorable bobcat kittens in southwest Wisconsin.

DNR officials say GPS collars were placed on adult bobcats as part of the Southwest Wisconsin CWD, Deer & Predator Study. Using the GPS data to track clusters of points allowed scientists to find "bobcat hot spots." Back in March, the DNR spotted a cluster of overlapping GPS collars for a male and female --indicating the two bobcats had bred.

This June, the DNR says the female “clustered up” again and they went to find out why. Behind an abandoned barn and under some farm equipment, DNR officials located the female's den and litter of kittens, three females and one male. 

Photos shared to the DNR's Facebook page show the adorable family.

"We’re excited to share this rare look into the early stages of life for this elusive animal," the DNR said.

DNR officials say the baby bobcats were measured, weighed and ear-tagged before returning them to the den.

The DNR advises their staff is vaccinated and trained to keep handling of the animals to a minimum; if you see a bobcat kitten in the wild, the DNR says "appreciate those claws from a safe distance!"

Amazing -- and absolutely adorable!