Disturbing literature delivered to some homes in Oak Creek

OAK CREEK -- Some Oak Creek homeowners have discovered some disturbing literature on their front porches. Officials are calling these pamphlets a form of hate.

Roger Drews says the pamphlets appeared on porches of some of the homes in his Oak Creek neighborhood last week. Although the pamphlets didn't make it to his door, Drews said he recognized some of the wording from a spam email.

"What caught my eye is the liberal definition of racism. I just wanted to know what that was, and I opened that an this is what that was. Then, I deleted it," Drews said.

One of Drews' neighbors told police about the pamphlets.

"It raised some attention right away, just because the person who called said they're threatening the Sikh community. When we looked at it, all it had was on the very top front line, it said 'you've heard of the Sikh Temple shooting,'" Oak Creek Police Chief John Edwards said.

The pamphlets reportedly said: "While you will hear about the Sikh Temple over and over and over, you will not hear about the white people being slaughtered on a daily basis in what's left of this country."

The pamphlets also reportedly outline a Jewish agenda.

"It was a lot of ranting and raving and a political view that the media doesn't cover: white violence," Chief Edwards said.

The Oak Creek Police Department has a copy of the pamphlet on file. Chief Edwards says those who find the pamphlets on their property should dispose of them.

Chief Edwards told FOX6 News police aren't actively seeking anyone in connection to these pamphlets because there was no threat. However, Chief Edwards said he would like to speak with whoever is responsible because they could be violating an ordinance that pertains to going door-to-door without a license.