Distracted driving awareness: A hands-on experience

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The most recent statistics shows 59,000 kids were injured or killed from distracted driving. Participants at a distracted driver awareness event were able to use golf cart simulators that demonstrate the affects distracted driving has on motorists.

"This is 100% preventable just by saying don't text," said State Senator, Lena Taylor.

So Senator Taylor, along with several community leaders hosted a distracted driving series where people of all ages were taken through the life changing events after texting and driving.

"In 2010, Xzavier was hit by a woman who was texting and driving," said Valetta Bradford, with the X-men Foundation.

Xzavier survived that accident, but his life was forever changed. Now paralyzed from the waist down, he needs constant care.

"Every time you have to suction him it's fresh, every time you have to do his body cares it's fresh," said Bradford.

Valetta Bradford was spared the heartache of a funeral, but Cynthia Williams was not.

Her son, 17-year-old, Christopher Williams died due to distracted driving. She took that tragedy and turned it into triumph touring the nation sharing her story like she did on Saturday.

"It's not something that anybody wants to have to deal with, but if you're called and you're chosen for your testimony to save other people's lives, that's what you do," said Cynthia Williams.

No detail was left un-turned on Saturday, October 25th, as young men and women witnessed a mock funeral of those who's lives were lost and a mock trail of the driver who caused the crash.

The lesson became hands-on when each child experienced distracted driving on this closed course. A feeling no one should experience on the open road.

Both Cynthia, and Valetta have formed non-profit foundations.

To find out more about them and to support their cause, CLICK HERE.