Disciplinary action taken against Williams Bay Middle School student for alleged 'hit list'

WILLIAMS BAY -- The principal of the Williams Bay Middle/High School said in a letter to parents Thursday, April 26 disciplinary action was taken against a student who allegedly created a "hit list." Police confirmed they were called out to the school for this incident.

The letter says on Thursday, a middle school student reported to a guidance couselor that a classmate had inciated she had a hit list. The guidance counselor and principal interviewed the student, and a list was found during a search of the student's locker.

Williams Bay police were contacted and an investigation was initiated. The parents of the student who allegedly created the list were contacted and disciplinary action was taken.

Parents of all students on the list were being contacted.

In the letter, the principal said "we thank the student who brought this to the attention of staff, and doing their part in keeping all of our children safe."