Digging out from 9+ inches of snow in Dodge County

LOMIRA (WITI) -- While drifting snow caused concern for many in southeast Wisconsin Tuesday night, others up north had some digging out to do.

Fluffy snow piled up near Green Bay and down into parts of Fond du Lac and Dodge Counties. Ron Benter cleared the sidewalk outside his father's home -- and every other house on the block.

"It's a community thing. Whoever can get here and get the driveways clean, particularly the sidewalks from one end to the other, just saves a lot of grief for everybody," said Benter.

The snow is no match for Benter's gas-powered muscle. But he's also fighting temperatures that barely reached the teens Wednesday.

"Not used to this much cold. It's good for business but I'd just as soon not have it," said Benter.

That's good for Roger Hoffman's side business. Most of the time, he excavates for a living. On this day, he plows.

"It's been busy, started at 4:30 this morning, been out plowing snow," said Hoffman.

Hoffman had plenty of jobs Wednesday. He says he's been plowing on the side ever since he got a driver's license.

"I've done residentials, I do commercials, I basically plow for just about everybody and anybody. If there's a person in a need for help that I know can't do it, I just go and help them out," said Hoffman.

While accumulating snow puts a smile on Hoffman's face, Benter begrudgingly finishes off the sidewalk. He's been ready for the seasons to change.

"Right after Christmas...so as Christmas Day is done, or even New Year's, it can change. Be spring already. That'd be great," said Benter.