Different kind of preaching at Milwaukee-area churches: Educating potential voters on voter ID law

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A different kind of preaching took place at Milwaukee-area churches on Sunday morning, September 21st. Groups worked to encourage folks to get to the polls on November 4th -- and to educate them on Wisconsin's recently reinstated voter ID law that will require voters to provide photo identification at the polls.

"Wherever I am called, I go and give people the tools they need," Anita Johnson with Citizen Action of Wisconsin.

Johnson worked Sunday morning to encourage churchgoers to put their faith in the electoral process.

Johnson says the work she is doing is non-partisan, and while her message isn't faith-based, she says she's praying the November election goes smoothly.

"There will be a lot of confusion at the polls," Johnson said.

Johnson says it's important voters are educated on the state's voter ID law -- and what is required to vote. She's also offering free rides to the DMV to get a photo ID for voting, and even transportation to polling sites on election day. Johnson says she believes the state's voter ID law unfairly targets students, the elderly and the poor -- those without easy access to photo ID.

"The ones that don`t vote -- tell them about it.  Help them out.  Send them to get their ID.  Vote.  It`s needed," Tracy Dent said.

Johnson says she will be visiting Milwaukee-area churches every Sunday morning until November 4th -- working to help those who need the help, and reinforcing the importance of doing your civic duty.

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