Developing: Piece of the façade falls from the Milwaukee County Courthouse

MILWAUKEE -- An area at the Milwaukee County Courthouse has been cordoned off after a piece of façade fell from the building early Friday, February 19th.

Officials say around 6:30 a.m., members of the courthouse cleaning crew were outside the courthouse along N. 10th St. One worker felt a breeze go by her and asked a co-worker if someone threw something at her. That is when they discovered a piece of the façade appeared to have fallen off the building and landed on the ground. No one was injured.

The piece was described as being about the size of a smart phone or hand-held radio.

Officials say this may have been a piece of the building that was previously patched. It leads the county officials to believe that this may have been caused by the freezing and thawing cycle.

Façade inspection will begin on Saturday -- and will take several weeks to get around the entirety of the building.