Despite hazardous weather, Milwaukee officers bring suspected drunk driver to safety

MILWAUKEE -- Several Milwaukee police officers are hailed for their efforts to bring a person suspected of driving drunk to safety in hazardous weather conditions.

According to a Milwaukee Police Department Facebook post, District 1 squads responded to a three-vehicle crash at the intersection of Lincoln Memorial Dr. and Michigan Ave. on Friday, April 13. Officers learned the driver of the striking vehicle fled the scene on foot.

It was noted the temperature was 36˚ with a wind child of 24˚ -- and it was raining with winds of 20-30 mph. Here's what happened next according to the post:

"The female subject was located behind the Discovery World Museum and had walked out on the aluminum dock to the far south end of the dock. The female subject jumped over the rail on the side of the break wall and into the water and later climbed up on the rocks.

"Officer Matthew Dresen maneuvered out onto the rocks with a life jacket toward the female. Officer Michael Stinson and Officer John Tietjen each put on wetsuit in the event that the female subject went back in the water.

"Officer Dresen made contact with the female subject and utilizing his professional communication skills managed to get the life jacket on her. Gaining additional compliance from the subject he was able to pull her further up the rocks away from the water.

"Officer Chris Peterson and Officer Luke Lee assisted on the docks in high wind and rain with the other officers to formulate a plan to get everyone back to safety.

"All officers spent a significant amount of time out in the challenging weather conditions until Milwaukee Fired Department responded to assist with the subject. With the combine efforts of the officers on scene and MFD the subject was brought to safety."

The woman was taken to the hospital for medical treatment -- and charged with OWI 1st offense.